Nantju (horse) with saddle and swag by Sheldon Campbell


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Artist: Sheldon Campbell

Cat#: 105-23

Size and medium: 17(h) x 14(w) x 9(d) cm Sculpture

Title: Nantju (horse) with saddle and swag

Sheldon is an emerging artist who commenced wire sculpture in 2023 learning from his uncle renowned Titjikala artist, David Wallace. Sheldon forms all sorts of desert animals and human characters from recycled metal found at the rubbish dump. Sheldon collects metal, wire, copper, fabrics and any discarded materials that he can reuse for his art. Older wires are used to form the shape and newer wires complete the upper layers for a better finish. Sheldon lives in Finke, NT with his wife Anne-Marie and son, Gavin. 

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