Four Dreamings by Carbiene McDonald


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Artist: Carbiene McDonald

Cat#: 34-24

Size and medium: 56 x 106cm Painting

Title: Four Dreamings

Carbiene Tjangala McDonald began painting through Papunya Tjupi Arts in Papunya, Northern Territory, in 2018, when the centre extended its operations to include male artists. McDonald quickly developed a distinct style, painting his country to the south-west of Papunya in textural planes of muted colour. In Four dreamings 2019, McDonald reminds us of the interconnected nature of Tjukurrpa. Within the work, he alludes to a series of waterholes running between Docker River and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, and specific locations in the Petermann Ranges, Docker River, Kalaya Murrpu and Mulyayti near Kata Tjuta. McDonald traversed this country with his father in his younger years, acquiring the knowledge required to sustain life in this desert region. (info courtesy Art Gallery of NSW).

Carbiene painted at Tapatjatjaka Art Centre in Titjikala when he was staying with family from March – April 2024.

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